The opening online ritual of Oversea Training in Vietnam

In 2019, IMHTCT selected Khanh Hoa Psychiatric Hospital and Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital from Vietnam as the International Psychiatric Training Center-Vietnam Branch (referred to as the Overseas Training Center) to expand the scope of cooperation and the capacity of professionals’ training. To promote the overseas training without interruption for Vietnam this year, we provide online training programs in Vietnamese, including occupational therapy, nursing care, social work and clinical psychology, etc. IMHTCT recruits trainees from Hanoi Mental Hospital, National Institute of Mental Health, Daytime Psychiatric Hospital Mai Huong, National Psychiatric Hospital 1, Quang Ning Psychiatric Hospital, Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital and Khanh Hoa Psychiatric Hospital to join this curriculum.

Moreover, we have hosted an opening online ceremony on July15th for the Oversea Training in Vietnam. There are a total of 100 participants at that specific period of time, we also notice that all the superintendents and their staff members are staying together in the site. Both parties hope to have the face-to-face contact and mutual visits after the epidemic, and also look forward to training in Taiwan in the near future. Attached below you can see two photos for your reference.

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