Training in Taiwan

  • Eligibility:

    • With the Southeast Asia nationality, the Professionals who are working in the field of psychiatry or public-health-related facilities.
    • Complete the online course 2023.
    • Those who had been trained in 2018 and 2019 were excluded.
    • Referrals are required (please check the below)
  • Training duration and placement requirement:

    • Trainees must complete training during July ~ November, 2023
    • Requirement of minimum of one month (30 days) training/per person, maximum of three months (90 days) training/ per person.
  • Course content includes:

    • Community Psychiatry: Psychiatric Health Care systems, Psychiatric Rehabilitations, Occupational Assessments and Therapies, Model of Community Rehabilitations Center, Half Way House, Home Treatment, Social workers in the psychiatric setting, etc.
    • Hospital Management: including Infection control, Quality Control Management and Mental Health Promotion
  • Fees sponsored by IMHCTC:

    • Air ticket: Round trip economy class, with an upper limit of 600 USD
    • Health Checkup
    • Personal Accident Insurance
    • Training Fee
    • Lodging
  • Expenses not sponsored:

    • Transportation upon arrival
    • Expenses incurred by individual during staying in Taiwan
    • Meals
  • Application:

    • On rolling basis. Inquiry and Application Submission (with English CV and a photocopy of passport) to



    • Dr. Yuniar Sunarko/Dr. Radjiman Wediodningrat Mental State Hospital
    • Dr. David Santoso/RSKD Maluku (Ambon)
    • Dr. Joep Djojodibroto/Head of Infrastructure & Support ServicesGrhasia Mental Hospital Yogyakarta
    • Dr. Kristanty Arung/Lakipadada general hospital


    • Dr. Lam Ngo Hung/Hanoi Mental Hospital
    • Dr. Thanh Duy Dang/Khanh Hoa Psychiatric Hospital
    • Dr. Tu Trung Lam/Danang Psychiatric Hospital


    • Dr. Ramon Moreno/House of Hope Foundation
    • Dr. Winnie Dorego/Department of Health Regional Office VII
    • Dr. Dreiza Hakim Castillo/Zamboanga City Medical Center


    • Dr. Amporn Benjaponpitak/Director-General, Department of Mental Health


    • Dr. Kim Savuon/Deputy Director,Department of Hospital Service

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