IMHTCT Training Program 2020 -Online Course

International Mental Health Training Center Taiwan (IMHTCT) is an institution under the authority of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of government of Taiwan. The center is composed of five leading psychiatric hospitals in Taiwan; namely Kaohsiung Municipal Kai-Syuan Psychiatric Hospital, Tsaotun Psychiatric Center, Taoyuan Psychiatric Center, Jianan Psychiatric Center and Taipei Veterans General Hospital Yuli Branch. The purpose of this institution is to integrate Taiwan’s mental health network and to collaborate with the international mental health organizations together, and to introduce the distinguished recovery mode of psychiatric rehabilitation in Taiwan simultaneously.

IMHTCT Training Program 2020 aims at mental health collaboration with Southeast Asia and providing online training courses for trainees of Southeast Asia nationalities. 

Due to the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, IMHTCT will open the online training course for trainees soon. The trainees, whoever complete the full online courses, can have the priority recommendation in Taiwan’s internship training list this year.

⇒Eligibility: All Southeast Asia nationality. Professionals working in psychiatry or public-health-related fields.

⇒Training Class requirement: 

    -Trainees must complete training during June~September,2020

⇒Course content includes:Community Psychiatry: Psychiatric Health Care systems, Psychiatric Rehabilitations, Occupational Assessments and Therapies, Social workers in the psychiatric setting…etc&Hospital Management

⇒Free Fee.

⇒Application: On rolling basis. Inquiry and Application Submission to 


♦Any question please email taiwanimhtct@gmail.com

International Mental Health 

Training Center Taiwan (IMHTCT)

Principal Investigator, 


12th June 2020

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