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International Mental Health Cooperation and Training Center, Taiwan

   Thank you for your previous supports to the Center. This year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has put IMHTCT and REBAMP together into IMHCTC (International Mental Health Cooperation and Training Center, Taiwan), and will continue to undertake the training programs of mental health as well as scientific connections. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the online courses will still be available, and the academic cooperation will also be carried out in the field of psychiatry and mental health with the Southeast Asia, South Asia, New Zealand, Australia and other regions. It will be in the form of transnational research and being published in the international journals, and we are looking forward to the continuation of your support and cooperation.
   The “5th New Southbound International Symposium” is scheduled on November 9, 2022. We also hope to have the chance to see your participation, if the epidemic becomes controllable.
   We will keep on the promotion of the project. If you have any information related to the mental health/care in your country, please feel free to contact us. Thank you very much for your assistance anyway.

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