Training in Taiwan

(1) Eligibility:
A. With the Southeast Asia nationality, the Professionals who are working in the field of psychiatry or public-health-related facilities.
B. Complete the online course 2024.
C. Referrals are required.

(2) Training duration and placement requirement:
-Trainees must complete training from September 27th ~ November 11th , 2024 (Requirement of 6 weeks training/per person)
(3) Course content includes:
A. Community Psychiatry: Psychiatric Health Care systems, Psychiatric Rehabilitations, Occupational Assessments and Therapies, Model of Community Rehabilitations Center, Half Way House, Home Treatment, Social workers in the psychiatric setting, etc.
B. Hospital Management: including Infection control, Quality Control Management and Mental Health Promotion
(4) Fees sponsored by IMHCTC:
-Air ticket: Round trip economy class, with an upper limit of 18,000 NTD (around 600 USD)
-Health Checkup
-Personal Accident Insurance
-Training Fee
(5) Expenses not sponsored:
-Transportation upon arrival
-Expenses incurred by individual during staying in Taiwan
(6) Application:
On a rolling basis. Inquiry and Application Submission (with English CV and a photocopy of passport) to